A&E’s “Operation Repo”

You’ve probably seen the popular reality TV show, “Operation Repo,” on A&E. It’s attracted a lot of buzz because of the outrageous situations the repo company finds itself in — from high-speed chases to screaming matches to fist-fights. The characters with the repo company are a sight in themselves — a cast of would-be tough guys and freaks who take cars from unsuspecting people.

This is reality TV? Well, make that “reality” TV.

We’ll say this. “Operation Repo” has done more to distort the image and nature of the Repo Man than a thousand crazy repo stories. Watching that show, you’d think the Repo Man is some all-powerful being who will stop at nothing to get your car. It’s not true. If you watch carefully, you’ll notice that at the beginning of the show, there’s a legal disclaimer that this show present a RE-ENACTMENT of certain repossession stories.

That’s a fancy way of saying this stuff is pretty much made up. The guys at “Operation Repo” engage in behavior that is so unethical, brazen and possibly illegal, A&E couldn’t make a REAL reality show based on their behaviors because it would be portraying criminal acts.

In short, ALMOST EVERYTHING the repossessors on “Operation Repo” do to get cars can be easily countered, avoided or stopped by the savvy consumer — as long as you have the right information.

And that’s what we offer at AvoidTheRepoMan.com.

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